Hi friend!

So happy you found my blog.

Here’s a little about me.


My name is Ireland Rose, and I  live in Pennsylvania with my family on our farm!  I have loved growing up on a farm especially when I was younger with having such large land to play hide+seek and mermaids in the pool with my little sister.  I feel like I’m really starting to appreciate the blessing God gave me to walk out of my front door with the sounds of robins, the smell of fresh air and the sounds of the frogs chirping at night.


I was born and raised Roman Catholic but I would say that in my life I’ve never been deeper+growing in my faith then I am now.


Why did I name my blog Georgia Honey? I’ve been to Savannah Georgia many times now, and something about that city makes me so unbelievably happy. I’ve stayed there on many vacations with my family particularity a place named Tybee Island, an island right outside of Savannah Georgia. There’s just something about Georgia.


And to be honest I chose “Honey” obviously because it’s delicious but also because I thought it would give my blog a little bit of a ring!

For the last few years I have been so strongly inspired to start my own blog and find myself wanting to share so badly, hopefully God has a plan for my blog and the people I meet!


“Kind words are like honey sweet to the soul and healthy for the bones”

Proverbs  16:24


May His overwhelming peace flood your whole being

and may his presence be your strength.

Trust in Him all your worries and he will lead you to great things.