Summers Seasons Activities…| Entry 01

The first post for this new season of summer! My family and I have been dying to get out this summer, so I thought I’d write down some of our ideas of fun for others! From days at home to day trips out, I think I may have something for everyone!

Lake trips + picnics…

If it’s a fishing trip, a picnic in a canoe, or going kayaking with some girlfriends you probubly should plan a trip to the lake! Spending a day at the lake this summer is at the top of my list! We live near a creek + a boat rental that we really want to appreciate this season! It’s a pretty affordable day to spend especially if you spend it with your friends and family!

Diners and Flea Markets!

A Saturday morning spent with waffles and antiques sounds pretty good to me…

And honestly sounds like a pretty good date idea…

There’s just something about my love of small breakfast nooks and rows of old books, furniture, and vintage knick-knacks…

Girls Day Out!

Flower picking + thrifting Adventures…

A trip to a local pick-your-own farm for a basket of peaches, strawberries, or flowers with your girls, or a stop at your favorite thrift store or five is me and my sisters go to day spent…

We have yet to visit a pick-your-own farm, but we sure have visited the many thrift stores all around us… It’s almost become a goal of ours to find the best in our area!

Drive – In Movies…

I haven’t been to a drive-in movie in such a long time! I was just thinking about planning a trip to the drive-in movies this summer and couldn’t help but share the simple idea! Grab some friends or family, snacks, blankets, and pillows, and enjoy the evening summer air!

Days With The Kiddos!

Picnics In The Backyard!

Grab a blanket, some pb&j sandwiches, and some bubbles, and enjoy some time with the kiddos!

A Simple visit to the Park!

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up going on a visit to the park would take a lot of convincing for our parents (even though we lived five minuets from the park.) But It’s free, + it’s even fun for older kids if you bring a basketball or soccer ball!

Rainy Days + Days at Home!

Book Challenges!

My sister and I have made a challenge for ourselves and have set a limit of 15 books to read this summer! The main goal is to read the most… Don’t tell her but I’ve barely even started…

I’ve never been much of a reader but man is it better than staring down at a phone screen looking for entertainment instead of a little bit of knowledge!

Movie Nights In!

My Mom has definitely watched more movies than anyone I’ll ever know! We probably watch/rewatch a movie together every week… Of course though with pizza, popcorn, and sometimes boxes of candy! Simple but effective.

And lastly… when in doubt just bake!

Baking is just one of my many stress relievers! And Pinterest could never be fuller with ideas! + I don’t think it will ever hurt to bake for someone like your naighbors, friends, family, or coworkers!

+ I’ve linked my Pinterest Board down below full of pins for future recipes!

Well, thanks for reading friends! I hope that a few of these ideas have sparked some excitement for this new season of summer!

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