We Can Be Made Well Again…

The last couple of weeks have been so strange to me. The semester is over, spring is in full bloom after a blink… and I start a new job in a month. Life is weird lately but of course, it’s beautiful, and there is so so so much growth!

Why Don’t We Want To Be Well?

After an adventure with my sisters last night, and a lot of talk about friendships, relationships, and just life… It’s lead me to thank God for our free will to change!

To be able to better ourselves through God is something I constantly forget about and throw away! If I’m reaching for constant fulfillment through other people, social media, or things, and my back is turned to God until I come to prayer with “why do I feel empty?” or ask “why I do this to myself, although my bible is right next to me and my rosary is always at reach,” why do I choose to look elsewhere for love?

If being close to God makes us happier and better people, why do we choose to find the easiest and laziest way to do so elsewhere, why do we find comfort in our bad ways and suffering.

If I’m not taking care of myself, or others, or if I neglect my faith, and completely look for validation and love through other people and things, I CAN TURN AROUND. Because Jesus wants us to meet Him.

On the drive back home I was thinking about change. If I’m not real about my effort to want to be better, I am not going to be better.

If I long to wake up and be the friendliest of friends of God, have a new mind and a new heart, and trust that what I do although it may be so strangely hard and tiring, He’ll still tell us that this effort is worth more then anything.

I recently watched one of Father Mike Schmitz videos on Ascension Presents a couple of weeks ago, about this very thought, but his question didn’t come to me until just now. He spoke about Jesus in John chapter 5 — Jesus asked a man who was crippled if he wanted to be well.

Do you want to be well?

So write it down, stick it on a wall, and read it everyday,

Do you want to be well?

Because I would love to be well.

We get stuck in the comfort of our lazy, and complaining lives. But what do you do when you don’t want to be stuck in that “comfort” anymore.

Thanks for reading friends. I hope you can take some of my words with you today and maybe take to prayer John chapter 5.

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