How To Create The Perfect Cozy Space… | Spring Room Tour.

Hi friends! Today I wanted to show you how I’ve created my cozy little space, and share with you the most important things to do to create one of your own!

My strategy to create a cozy space is pretty simple: Find my inspiration, curate a versatile canvas, and collect lovely + meaningful things, but while I’m constantly scrolling through Instagram + Pinterest It’s pretty easy to get a little overwhelmed… but don’t get ahead of anything!! A cozy room should be just that! This post is also for the people out there who don’t think they have very many ideas or design abilities too!

No. 01 Your style should be what makes you happy!

A few years ago I could not grab a hold of what my style was!! I just didn’t know what I liked or didn’t like, so I collected a little bit of everything! Colorful items + non-colorful items… modern, classic, farmhouse, beachy!! Really everything! But still my style is ever changing, I just have a better idea of what makes me happy! The best part of my room is that if I point to something other then my clothes or bedding I could tell you if it was thrifted, gifted, handed down or DIY-ed! Which means that I rarely spend much money adding to the space I love! The reason I love to collect and create things more then buy is because I love to find items that have already been loved and still are purposeful!

No. 02 Use what you already have!

I’ve repurposed so many items I’ve found around the house I couldn’t even give you a number!! For example you can paint, distress, and reuse old jars, old furniture, frames, and so many more things! My bedside table was given to my family for free and all I had to do was paint it a sage green and just like that you got a new bedside table!

No. 03 Find Inspiration + Map it out!

I’ve had a Pinterest account for years!! It helps me with absolutely everything!!! I’m constantly pinning inspiration for my home/life so don’t be afraid to go take a peek!!

Here are a few home boards I use to get a little inspiration for my cozy spaces!

I also like to do a little doodle of the room so that I can mix the furniture up + decor! I do this especially when I’m planning to move around the room or when I buy a new piece such as this mirror I recently bought and painted!

No. 03 Calm colors!

I love to have calm colors be a focus in my home! Light colors are more likely to be calming and I know every season has it’s different tones, but to have such a versatile and flexible space is so convenient for me! I’m dying for shades of cream, brown, green, white, and pink this spring!!

No. 04 Paint never hurts!!

No matter what I do, I always end painting everything! Which is actually good because #1 I love to paint, and #2 I end up enjoying the item a little more! Honestly though, a little bit of paint goes a long way for my little room! My favorite paints for projects are the Waverly matte chalk acrylic paint from Walmart, and small paint samples from Sherwin William’s!

No. 05 Add a little life…

You can never ever ever go wrong with a few flowers + plants! Although I’m definitely not a plant person I sure love me some flowers! They add the perfect life to a room!

Favorite Flowers! Babies Breath, Daffodils, and eucalyptus!

Thank you all so much for reading this little post! I hope that it has inspired you a little to create, or further create your cozy little spaces! If I’ve left anything out please don’t be shy to ask a question or give a suggestion!

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