How I Prayer Journal! | No. 02

Hi friends! I am so excited to share the few easy steps on how I use my prayer journal!

My simple prayer journal supplies :

no . 1 Simple Journal –

no . 2 Doodles + Paper Scraps + Tape

no . 3 Pilot Pen

No. 1

I’ve used these types of journals for years. They have 60 pages each, and for me their the perfect size + their affordable! The first thing I usually do is collect all my paper scraps and find a bit of inspiration on colors + layout through Instagram/ Pinterest! Next I usually play around with layout and placement of different pieces of paper + doodles!

Check out my Pinterest journal board below!

No. 2

Second, I write out a few prayers that are on my heart for the beginning of this month!

No. 3

This month I wrote a small goals list in the corner and a intentions list for this lent! I am so bad at keeping and working at goals, so recently I’ve been limiting myself to just 3 goals to complete in the next couple weeks/month! Also, I’ve just started a intentions list for me to take into prayer this lent season!

No. 4

Lastly, I decorate the pages a little bit with flower doodles/ripped paper/tags/tape/pressed flowers and a Magnolia magazine scrap!

I know that my prayer journal layout may seem a bit empty or a bit boring, but just a few prayers and intentions help me focus on my prayer journal so much more! + Sometimes I do two of these types of spreads each month which helps me add things that I hadn’t before. I hope that this post has inspired you even just a little bit!

Thanks for reading friends!

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