Winter Journal Prompts | No. 1

Hey there friends!  One of my 2019 goals is to build the habit + hobby of writing and to journal more!

So I did a lot of searching for journal prompts and journal Ideas but then I decided to just write my own!

So I divided I’d share them with others just in case somebody not only wants to build

the habit or hobby of writing, but also to do it with God!



So grab your favorite pen and your journal and let’s journal together…



no . 1   write a letter to yourself to read in the next season. . .


no . 2   a list of some of your favorite things + witnesses this month!


no . 3   flip to a random page of Psalms and write about the verse your finger lands on.


no . 4   what sight are you grateful for?


no . 5   write a prayer for something that’s been bothering you.


no . 6   what do you need more of in life?


no . 7   one thing you need to let go of. . .


no . 8   something you always think “what if” about?


no . 9   this week god blessed me by. . .


no . 10   the area I need to trust God more?


no . 11    in this new year I need more. . .


no . 12   my two main intentions this year are?


no . 13   a prayer for your hurried and rushed self.


no . 14   Jesus today I feel. . .


no. 15   Lord teach me to trust in you when. . .


no . 16   write about a single moment today!


no . 17   where can you move a little slower and intentionally in life?


no . 18   my favorite things about winter.


no . 19   my least favorite things about winter. . .


no . 20   right down a recipe that you’ve been loving this season!


no . 21  write about the room your in. . .


no . 22   what do you want to give up?


no .  23   what is something you’re excited for?


These are just a few fun journal prompts I’d thought I’d share!  One of my favorite things about writing/keeping a journal

is that I get to look back and see what I was thinking or feeling at that time!  It’s always worth just sitting down and writing!

I hope that these make you grow just a little closer to God! While all of these can be like a little prayer!

Thanks for reading!




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