my modest autumn wordrobe!

I invite you to come join me to

indulge in big sweaters, mom jeans, and all my favorite autumn findings!

Now to start off by saying I’m not a big spender when it comes to clothes!  I honestly love finding just as good clothes at a much cheaper

price which I think a lot of us can relate to!  Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do not only with clothes but a lot of other

things too!   I don’t thrift all my clothes because if you’ve ever thrifted you’d probably know thifting is a pretty

time worthy job!!  So I’ve gotten things from other stores around too!

Usually before a season starts I kind of plan out what I need for convenience + comfort all making it into my own little style!

So one of the best ways to do that for me is to go on Pinterest and start pinning all the things that catch

my eye in my autumn fashion board! Which you can go see for yourself!

Honestly If I need some inspiration on how to style something or recent modest fashion it’s my go too!!


I’ve found a new liking of turtlenecks recently!  No idea why, but I found this giant gray turtleneck surprisingly

at Walmart! I happened to pick this sweater up, and not gonna lie… its super comfy!!

and not to add looks extremely cute tucked into some mom jeans! + I can’t imagine

I spent more then $14 dollars on this sweater!


Gray Turtleneck : Walmart

Black Turtleneck : Thrifted

Shoes :


Blouse’s + Mom Jeans


Okay #1… I have never been more in love with tops then these ones! and #2 I’m just gonna mention the sweater in basically all of these photos!

As you can see I’ve definitely been giving it some love!! It’s honestly the softest thing in the world!

  It came from a glorious place along with the blouse’s called T.J. MAXX!! I’m so basic I know blah blah blah but,

honestly These tops are so reversible and comfy and I could definitely style these in the winter too!

The plus side of it all is I could totally wear these with a pair of jeans, or I could tuck them into a skirt!

You can never go wrong with some mom jean’s! And fortunately they were both $12 in store.

Flats :

Blouse’s :

Jeans : Thrifted

During autumn and every season in fact I never try to own more then I have to!  I keep it pretty simple: a pair of skinnies,

mom jeans, a few tops, a couple cardigans, and of course a couple accessories to mix and match voila there’s my wardrobe! And you can never ever ever go wrong with a good sweater!  A lot of the items I buy or have saved in storage most likely end up becoming a big part of my winter wardrobe too!


Now Let’s Talk Accessories…


Faux Glasses!

This autumn I have loved trying new items to change up my outfits so I decided to buy a pair of faux glasses!

I don’t use a prescription or even really wear sunglasses so they are definitely something to get used to!

It’s pretty crazy how much they can change up an outfit!

Glasses :

Miraculous Medal!

And of course I can’t go anywhere without a little bit of Jesus! I got this beautiful Miraculous Medal

from my dear + lovely friend Madalen for my Birthday a few weeks ago!


Scarfs + Blanket Scarfs!

Just one suggestion when you’re buying a scarf… always get the biggest + warmest scarf you possibly can!!

black + white :

Similar to the pink scarf :


Rain Boots!

Hey you never know a pair of rain boots might turn into your best friend depending on your autumn!

Boots :


And that concludes my basic autumn wardrobe!  It’s simple, but I can honestly mix and match all these items to whatever

outfit I’m feeling that day!  I hope this inspired you somehow today!


“Modesty isn’t about a checklist… it’s much deeper then that.  It’s about glorifying God with our lives by pursuing purity, holiness and humility from the inside out.”

Have a grace filled day! – Ireland!

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