What I’ve Learned About Comparing Myself.


It is so hard sometimes to overcome comparing yourself.


What I’ve learned from comparing myself is that it doesn’t do anything but make you unhappy.  When I could be confident doing something I truly love and am passionate for I am always doubting myself and fearing that what I’m doing won’t get other peoples acceptance.

For me comparing myself is almost a constant, not only when I’m out but also worrying about sharing at home.   From Comparing yourself to accepting who and how God made you can definitely be a hard journey.

I am so guilty of looking at an Instagram or a blog or how somebody does something or how beautiful another person looks and being judgmental or envious only feeling guilty because I know I shouldn’t feel that way.


Finding the truth in Christ…


Recently I’ve realized how often I compare myself with all the other things it roots from, like jealousy and judgment that honestly lead me to be rude or bitter.  It is so easy to fall into the loop where our first instinct is to hate how we do things, what we’ve learned or look.  When I feel super overwhelmed by comparison I usually say a quick prayer and ask God to lead me out of this feeling and that it won’t change the gratitude for my blessings.

I usually find myself asking God why I feel this way so often but comparing yourself is completely normal and actually we need it to thrive in our faith.  When we are feeling down or fearful it’s usually because we are missing something like prayer or even God in general.

So if you’re struggling with comparison say a little prayer, dedicate a rosary to it, or even just a couple hail Marys.   It definitely takes practice and effort, but even if he doesn’t take the feeling/situation away it’s probably because he’s got a reason! ?

For the last couple years comparing has definitely grown in my life, some times better then others.  I hate that it automatically makes me judge and feel envious, but as time and time again the Lord reminds me that He made me in his own two hands with every unique feature,  and that I’m gonna be okay because when It comes down to it the only one who’s really gonna care is Jesus.

Sometimes it’s hard to be found if you’re not lost a little.



Remember we aren’t called to be like other Christians, we’re called to be like Christ






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