Welcome To Georgia+Honey Blog!


Well hello there!  Welcome to my blog!

This my first blog post ever…  So lets see how it goes!

I thought about what I would want to know about a new blogger!  So I thought I would share a little bit about me and why I decided to create a blog!

My name is Ireland Rogers or Ireland Rose and I live on my families farm in Pennsylvania,  I have quite a large family of my mom, dad, one brother and three other sisters!

I’ve been Roman Catholic all my life but this past year has really been something!  I feel like I’ve never been deeper in my faith until now!  I know that God is pushing me to keep growing in my faith and learn, which is one point I wanted to start writing.

After Christmas break God gave me the incredible blessing of being able to go to afternoon mass and adoration two very very amazing things.  There is something so beautiful and eyeopening about the Holy Eucharist which makes me so grateful.

Right now I’m in 11th grade and feel like this is my last summer before life gets a little crazy with working, school, and life in general… So I plan on taking in as much as possible of the calm and less of the stress!

I feel like in the last two years I have tried so many times to make a blog and it just never was made to be…  So now I feel like now I’m really supposed to be writing and sharing!   I’ve seen such a wonderful community on Instagram full of amazing woman sharing about their faith and lives.  Their sharing inspired me to try again and create a new blog and really start being more active on Instagram.

I am beyond excited to start blogging, I honestly cannot stop smiling.  I have so many plans and ideas for the future as God leads me!



5 Things About Me!

I like to bake

I’ve found a new love for journaling!

I absolutely love traveling although I’ve only been on a few trips!

I’m a very organized person or what my family would call annoying…

And I am a crafter I’ve always been very crafty!



“Trust only in God every moment!  Tell him all of your troubles and pour out your heart longings to Him.”

Psalm 62:8


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    Your amazing !!!

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